WGH Wire Spinning guides

  • $1.00

We have been working a long time to get these guides out to the market!   These are all stainless steel wire spinning guides! Fyi Guides 12h and 10h are the same as the ice spinning guides 12 and 10.  

Specs are as follows:


Guides ID OD Height
6L 6mm 4.15mm 8.28mm
6H 6mm 4.6mm 11.3mm
8 8mm 6.2mm 13.2mm
10L 10mm 7.5mm 17.35mm
10H 10mm 8mm 20.25mm
12H 12mm 9.5mm 21.5mm
16 16mm 13mm 27mm
20 20mm 17.5mm 34.4mm