DYANG "CHILL" Series Ice Rods

  • $120.00


 We would like to introduce you to the DYANGBASS Whitefish Series rod “CHILL”. This rod is built specifically for Whitefish. The CHILL rod is light weight, sensitive, and durable. You can use this rod in deep or shallow water for whitefish whether it be early or later in the ice season. The backbone on this rod is perfect for driving hooks into big whitefish in any depth of water. It also has the perfect amount of forgiveness to fight head shakes on the way up.


“By using this CHILL rod, my percentage of hooking and landing whitefish has gone up! I didn’t lose as many fish on the way up or at the hole. It has made fishing for whitefish fun and easier!” -DYang


Length: 33"

Blank: Whitefish

Color Wraps: White/Gold Accent

Handle: Cork Split Grip

Guides: Silver Recoil

Custom Exclusive DYANG logo Butt Cap