Tripod Setup for live/active transducers

  • $140.00


The long-awaited tripod is here! Made from carbon fiber, cnc bullet aluminum and hard delrin plastic, this tripod is made to last!


With the critical parts made in bullet aluminum, all the worries of broken parts are a thing of the past! The handle is made from hard delrin plastic to keep things warmer when it is frigid cold outside.


The transducer adapter piece is also made from Delrin to help prevent wear on the actual transducer body. When compared to metal mounts, it will wear down the grooves on the transducer body, rendering it useless!


This is the ONLY adapter in the market that will run all of the following with one adapter! LVS32, LVS34 and Lowrance Active Target.


  Keep in mind it can and will freeze from water getting inside the pole, so setup the length needed for the day is highly recommended and bringing it inside after your trip to thaw it out.   

 METAL LEG/Collar Design!

New CNC Delrin Transducer Mount and CNC Aluminum Pivot piece!

Livescope LVS32 Mount: Needs to use the stock shoulder bolt, and rubber washer.  

Lowrance Active Target Mount:  Use the stock twisting knob.

Humminbird Megalive:  Does not need any other hardware as it is direct mount to ducer.

Livescope LVS34:   Needs to use the stock tightening knob.