Tripod Setup for live/active transducers

  • $100.00

Here is our tripod system made for the garmin livescope and the lowrance active target.   Either one will come with everything needed(minus transducer hardware) to run your setup through the ice!   Each one will have the correct transducer adapter and all you will need is the stock hardware that came with the unit.   Will fit over a 10inch hole!   The carbon fiber tripod keeps things nice and light as well as keep things not as cold as compared to the aluminum poles.   The twist lock design allows the user to quickly adjust the height needed.  The quick attachment allows the user to quickly remove the transducer while on the move from place to place while protecting your investment during transit.  Keep in mind it can and will freeze from water getting inside the pole, so setup the length needed for the day is highly recommended and bringing it inside after your trip to thaw it out.   



Closed: 18inches

Expanded: 52inches