XXL Shuttle Power Pack

  • $229.99



The all new XXL Shuttle Power Pack is here!  Made from 5052 aluminum, this XXL shuttle will last and perform well for all your needs.   The black wrinkle powdercoating finish give it a nice sleek finish to protect the aluminum from discoloration and corrosion.   And to help with the sharp cut edges of the shuttle and also to give your shuttle alittle bit of personalization,  the 3d printed accent pieces protects your transducer cables as well as bring your shuttle to life.   Made to fit all sorts of live imaging units and blackboxes, this shuttle does it all.   


This powerpack option is recommended only with the smaller style battery like the amped outdoors 20ah, 32nmc or norsk 20ah.   Anything that is wide or tall will interfere with the front panel wiring!  For the bigger batteries, stay tuned for our plain front plate model coming out soon.  


The actual colors of the accent trims may vary base on your screen calibrations


Specs WxDxH: 10.5x8x14.5