BK Large Powerbox Shuttle

  • $109.99

This shuttle is the all-in-one shuttle.  The power box feature gives the angler on the go power options to run all your ice fishing electronics!  Never forget your ammo can power box again! Pair it with a regular 12v lead acid battery, or jump the game and go lithium or even better use the M18 or Dewalt Power adapter to power your ice unit.  Comes in 9 awesome colors that you can mismatch to fit your needs!


Standard Features:

-Side Brackets

-Powerbox (Black by Default)

-Battery Mount bracket

-Transducer Cup

-Velcro Battery Tiedown



 Does NOT come with a gimbal bracket to fit your unit.  You MUST order one in addition to the shuttle from the accessories page, or use your stock gimbal mount!